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What is Fairbnb?

What if, in the world of short-term accommodation rentals, guests, hosts and neighbours could collectively decide together with municipalities how to make the rental process fairer, more sustainable and more rewarding for the whole community?

What if the platform’s profits were not an end in themselves but were invested back into the communities where the platform operates?

These are some of the questions that led us, a group of activists, coders, researchers and creatives from around the world, to connect with the goal of co-creating a viable market-based solution that could be a valid alternative to commercial platforms.

We are working on a vacation rental platform which offers three advantages over existing sites: transparency, co-ownership and added value for the neighborhoods.

The platform will be owned and managed by a cooperative of users and neighbours who will collectively decide how to reinvest part of the profits in local projects that would help to ease the impact of tourism, protect residency and fight gentrification.

These neighbours will also collaborate with hosts and guests to ensure a meaningful and community-driven experience for visitors.


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